Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Samuel + Mary = ENT issues

Most moms you talk to always seem to have a sick kid in their home, specifically when you have multiple kids and those kids are in school with direct contact to every germ our planet has to offer.  My kids too have been sick, especially last winter someone in this house was sick for 7 weeks straight, so I feel those momma’s pain.  In the case with my kids, having the sniffles and coughs it always leads to humidifiers, mattress elevation, cough medicine, and eventually calls to the doctor and the inevitable happens, ear and/or sinus infections. 

All these issues really started to take shape when Mary was an infant.  I was constantly arriving at the doctor’s office to leave with a prescription for antibiotics for her latest ear infection.  She ended up having 6 ear infections between Halloween and February of the next year.  So when she had an ear infection at Christmas in 2010 the doctor decided it was time for tubes in the ears.  I was nervous about this because my little tiny baby was going to have to be administered anesthesia and have surgery.  Well of course my baby girl was a champ and came out of the surgery with a few screams of terror from waking up in a strange place but by the time I got her in the van and gave her a bottle she had immediately stopped crying.  Once home she slept most of the day and upon waking it was as if nothing had ever happened. Now that she has the tubes in her ears, ear infections do not exist for her.
My son Samuel on the other hand we’ve been noticing that his breathing is slightly labored at night; ok to be honest he snores like an adult male with a head cold.  He wakes up coughing at night and always seems to be stuffed up.  My husband conducted an experiment; he put his hand over my son’s mouth and discovered he couldn’t breathe.  Then he plugged is nose and my son could have cared less. 
In light of this little experiment I decided to take him to my allergist in October because he didn’t have a cold but had coughing and sniffles.  They tested him for all the environment things including dogs.  We had him tested for dogs specifically since I was allergic to dogs but all tests came up negative.  (Another blog about allergies, dogs and my dilemma coming soon!)  Even though he wasn’t allergic to anything the allergist did say that his nose looked inflamed, but of course he used some big medical term that even 4th year med students still have a hard time pronouncing and the under part of his eyes were darkened which also indicates sinus issues.  So he sent us on our way with Nasonex and told us to use it daily. 
Fast forward to Christmas; I have two kids with horrible coughs and sniffles.  So horrible in fact my daughter was puking because of the velocity of her cough and my son couldn’t sleep he was so rattled with coughs.  So I took them both to the doctors to discover Samuel had double ear infections, sinus infection and wheezing that was due to respiratory constriction from drainage.  Mary had the same issues, minus the ear infections because of the addition of tubes.  So they were both on antibiotics and an albuterol inhaler during Christmas, fun right?
Even after all the treatments of antibiotics and inhalers my son still has a breathing issue.  Not only does he have a breathing issue but we’ve also noticed a hearing issue.  He says “what” a lot or may not hear his own name.  This may just be a symptom of being 4 but one can’t be too caution when it comes to little ears.  Because I have these concerns I mentioned them to the kid’s doctor today when I had Mary in for her two year well check. 
I’ll come back to Samuel in one paragraph; I must mention Mary’s well check results.  We have to call an ophthalmologist because she’s concerned about her right eye as it appears to be turning inward. She thinks it’s probably nothing as the bridge of Mary’s nose is still thin but she wants to be proactive and not wait another year to check her out and find that she has a lazy eye.  Mary’s doctor also noted that our daughter who we already felt was brilliant (no biasness here!) is exhibiting signs of advancement in milestones.  She’s doing things that three year old can do like count to 5, knows colors and “singing” to music.  High five to this momma! No I’m not proud at all! (Wink, wink)
So when I mentioned the issues with Samuels’s nose and hearing she wanted to examine him quickly so we could get the history of his issues down in the time it takes to schedule an appointment with an ENT.  She mentioned that there could still be fluid on his ears causing his hearing issues and if his nose is still swollen on the inside (again she used a huge medical word describing these interworking’s of his nose) then he may need to have is adenoids removed and tubes inserted in his ears.  And of course what do I hear? The sound of a cash registers clinking since it’s a new year and our insurance has started over….ugh!
Even with all this new information about Mary’s eye and Sam’s ears and nose I know that God will be our Healer.  It says in Matthew 9:21-22 “She said to herself, “If I only touch his cloak, I will be healed.” Jesus turned and saw her. “Take heart, daughter,” he said, “your faith has healed you.” And the woman was healed from that moment.” I just have to meditate on this and know it to be true because I just know that the pediatrician is being overly cautious and there is nothing wrong with my baby girl. 

I also have to hold onto the fact that if my kids need further medical care, which will no doubt be expensive, that God will be my Provider as it says in Ezekiel 18:16 “He does not oppress anyone or require a pledge for a loan. He does not commit robbery but gives his food to the hungry and provides clothing for the naked.” How can one not love a God like ours? Keep you posted on the medical process; in the meantime prayers for my babies would be appreciated, thank you.

God Bless

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