Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bad Day x2

Wednesday started out like any other, kids up watching cartoons, breakfast being made and grandparents arriving.  But this Wednesday was picture day for Mary’s 2nd birthday!

You can imagine my excitement and trepidation when arriving to a photo studio with two kids at a very unpredictable behavioral age.  You just never know if you’ll get good pictures, smiles and cooperation.  Well I will just say that Mary did very well and her pictures turned out better then I imaged.  

After pictures we trucked it back to my house to pick up my dad for lunch at Olive Garden.  It’s hands down in my top five favorite restaurants plus my kids will eat spaghetti whenever it’s put in front of them.  Lunch went surprisingly well with both kids behaving and eating. The rest of the afternoon after the grandparents departure went smoothly, even when Mary refused to nap. 

So, you are probably wondering when this bad day will begin right?  Well, it began at the end.  8:30 bedtime had rolled around and I was chucking up this day as a good day; Mary went to bed without screaming (more on that in another blog), Sam was enjoying some last minute playtime with daddy and I had an important phone call with my best friend on the agenda after all the tucking in was complete.  It was a good day until I heard “thwack!” and Sam’s laughter turn to screams.

I ran into Sam’s room where I could hear daddy saying “Oh stop crying, you're fine it’s just you’re doll!” I said “What happened!?!” my husband was sort of giggling because he thought his son was being over sensitive to hit to the head with an oversized plush Diego doll. (They were at the beginning stages of a pillow/plush doll fight)  The microwave beeped and I went to get Sam’s milk when I heard my husband say “What the H_ll!” and I see a blur of man and boy rush to the bathroom.

I didn’t even know what was going so when I entered the bathroom to see blood gushing from my sons head, that was the last thing I expected to see.  Of course crying, screaming and panic was engulfing my 4 year old and we did all we could to remain calm, stop the bleeding and figure out what had happened.  I proceeded to ask my husband what they were doing prior to the blood and he explained that they were whacking each other with the large Diego doll and a Brutus Buckeye pillow when all this went down.

I ran and grabbed the Diego doll and started feeling around for anything that could have hurt my son.  Diego’s eyes are not hard like on some dolls, the entire doll is plush so it had to have been something sharp stuck to it but I couldn’t feel anything.  I took the doll into the bathroom where my husband still had my son on his lap holding a blood soaked towel to his head.  The bleeding thank God stopped quickly and my son began to calm.  I asked Sam what had hit him and he answered “my car hit me”.  You know you can see the same question marks above my head as I did.  How could a matchbox car hit him when daddy was using a doll to pillow fight with? Well this sneaky doll has pockets in his vest and shorts and Sam had forgot that he hid a matchbox car in one of Diego’s pockets which apparently is what hit Sam’s head and caused it to bleed so profusely.  After an hour of watching Nick Jr. and what could be discribed as a crime scene clean-up, we tucked him in for the night, kissed his head and sent him off to dream land.

After my phone call with my best friend I checked my social media accounts, turned off the TV and kissed my husband good night around 11:45.  At 1:15 AM my daughter cried out from her crib and we went to check on her.  She had kicked off her blankets and seemed more then irritated by this so we covered her up and kissed her back to sleep.  Until 1:27 AM reared its ugly head!

She was crying as if she was scared so I picked her up and started to rock and “ssshhh” her when a tiny little cough emitted followed by major vomit.  I won’t go into the gory details but let’s just say it was a lot and it wouldn’t stop coming.  She ended up vomiting so much that she started to heave.  Her pour little body was just racked with heaves and sobs.  After her stomach calmed a bit she just wanted held and we obliged.  While in our arms she stared to grunt in pain and more heaves followed by more grunts of pain.  Her little tummy was just a mess.  After an hour and half of heaves, grunts and sobs and mommy praying to our Lord to make her well she fell into a deep sleep and I gently returned her to her crib.  I too returned to my bed crawling in ever so silently so that I wouldn’t wake my husband.  He did after all still have to get up for work, but I secretly prayed that he would call off. 

Well both my prayers came true 4 hours later! She was feeling better, albeit tired, but better and my husband did indeed take off work.  Hallelujah!  He drove my son to preschool and let Mary and I rest in bed.  Later, he even took the kids downstairs with him so I could take a much deserved nap while he did school work. 

But even after all this blood and gore of the last 24 hours God spoke to me today through Matthew 8:1-3; it reads “When he [Jesus], came down from the mountainside, large crowds followed him. A man with leprosy came and knelt before him and said, “Lord, if are willing, you can make me clean”.  Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man.  I am willing,” he said “Be clean!  Immediately he was cured of his leprosy.”  When I read that from my daily reading plan (which are totally random daily picks from scripture) tears sprang to my eyes because I had prayed to God while rocking her “Please God, make her feel better” over and over again and He did! It also reminded me to check my worry at the door about any kind of relapse of stomach issues through tonight because she is indeed healed! God is so good!

I will leave you with this; never under estimate the power of Christ or the resilience of a child.
God Bless

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  1. Ooh my goodness Andrea! How horrible!! Any idea what happened to Mary? I hope everyone is better and feeling great!
    What an awesome insight of how God grants our prayers!