Friday, December 23, 2011

Never a dull moment

So the morning started out like any other; kids waking, milk being poured and cartoons being turned on.  Then the excitement began to build when the kids learned of church friends coming over to play.  Pj’s came off, clothes went on and my shower began.  Once we were all dressed and my kids resumed their play I decided to tidy up.  So I turned from the bathroom to start my chores.
Turning my back and warning the kids to “chill out” while fighting over a toy was not my best decision as a mother.  Next I knew I had a four year old screaming for mommy and a two year old looking quite smug.  When I ran to see what was the matter Sam screamed to me through tears and hyper ventilating cries that Mary had bit his arm.  This takes place 10 minutes prior to our guest’s arrival, I prayed this wasn’t a bad sign.
After the first set of two kids showed up I put on a pot of coffee for us mommy’s and sat down to some adult conversation all the while talking over kids playing in toy heaven.  As us two mommies waited for the coming arrival of two more tots we continued to talk about Christmas preparations, travels and baking needs.   
Not only were my mommies happy to see other adult faces and voices but the kids were having an absolute blast! Pulling out this toy and Sam showing off that toy, the fun was non-stop.  About two hours went by when the littlest of the group started to get tired and fussy and the time started to show we had to shove off for our afternoon outing.  
As the mommies departed with their little ones I had forgotten to package up some cookies for them so I asked them to hold on while I ran to get the cookies.  I heard the kids outside running and playing while my kids looked on from the front door.  Then all got quite and screams started to emit from the front yard.  Sam said “Are you ok?” then the next thing I knew a mommy came running up the stars with her two and half year old daughter full of blood.  She had tripped and fell on our cement front step and hit head first. 
Between sobs and screams from the little girl my son started to cry and say “I don’t like this!” Sam was very afraid for his little friend. So, with too much blood which was nonstop and it being in the front of her head, her mommy prompted me to call 9-1-1.  Luckily we live 1 block from the fire station and they were at my house in a matter of minutes.
As the sirens grew closer my son, who LOVES fire trucks, started to cry and sob again as my daughter stood watching doing her best impression of a siren.  I started to chuckle because of my sons sobbing.  I was confused, I figured he would get a big kick out of the fire truck coming to our house but instead it scared him.  He said he was scared because his little friend was hurt; he likes to see them drive by, not stop at our house!  The firemen gave her a once over and decided she didn’t have a concussion, gave her mommy instructions to watch her pupils, make sure she doesn’t become lethargic or start vomiting and she would be just fine; she may have a nice size bruise and a headache. After the firemen drove off I realized they didn’t get her a band aide like they said they would, so I went inside and fetched one and placed it gently on her head.  After the commotion settled the mommies strapped their kids in their seats and headed off for their homes.
I went inside, got coats and shoes on and we headed out the door as well to play Santa to daddy’s co-workers.  I had hand dipped strawberries in dark and white chocolate and made the girls some bracelets.  Upon our arrival to the bank where daddy works, Sam spotted a Target and shouted with excitement that he wanted to go in.  I had to get diapers so I shrugged and said “Sure, why not.” 
Once inside Target, Sam was overjoyed at the $1 Spot selections and wanted me to purchase just about everything! After about 15 minutes of “No’s” he finally gave up and decided to walk towards the baby section.  Of course you know it’s Christmas time and there can’t be an aisle without a toy in it right? Same goes for the diaper section.  Sam spotted this Spiderman shaving kit for kids.  It had shaving foam, a fake razor, a badger brush and a comb.  He immediately thought of the scene in “Home Alone” where Kevin McCallister is singing “White Christmas” into his comb in the mirror.  He begged and begged and begged for it.  I was giggling and figured it’s only $3.49 what the heck, it will be entertainment for both of us!
Once home and Mary was napping the shaving shenanigans began.  He had to have a mirror, check! A step stool, check! A towel around his waist, check! He was ready to begin his shaving and grooming! I of course got pictures and video of him singing “White Christmas”.  He starts out with “Doot doot, dootie dootie do” and then finishes off with “Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree!”  He had a blast and I had several laughs.
So, even when a scary situation arises, my son can always be counted on to bring comic relief.  And of course a big glass of red wine once kiddos are asleep helps as well!

God Bless

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