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A Boys DNA (November 9, 2009)

A boys DNA 

All you mommies out there that are raising boys you will agree that boys will be boys, right?  As a mommy of a two year old little boy I know that this statement is gets truer everyday. 

Never being a mommy of a little girl before I have no idea what to expect when she gets here because it’s been two years of boys things like trucks!  Sam has always been just absolutely overjoyed about trucks.  Seeing trucks, playing with trucks and hearing trucks go by our house all make him so happy.  Tuesday’s are Sam’s favorite day of the week, its garbage day and not only does one truck come through the neighborhood, but two! (One for recyclables and one for trash.)  We also have a fire station out on the main road which is only about a block away, so of course when the sirens start his heart leaps out of chest with excitement and he starts pointing to the windows and saying “Sireeen, Sireeen,) Trucks are one of the things on a long list of boy things that I believe are embedded in a boys DNA. 

One activity comes to mind when thinking about little boys; playing in the dirt.  We have a small area of the yard that doesn’t get much sun so there is dirt where there should be grass, and of course Sam is drawn to it like a magnet.  We are also building a new patio in the back and when building a new patio it requires you to use sand to level and fill in cracks, this to is like an oasis of fun for our little man.  Not only does he pick it up and throw it in the air, which in turn lands in his hair and down his shirt, but he also sits in it and rolls around in it and of course puts it in his Tonka dump truck.  This is where I think having a girl will differ.  I can’t see a little girl finding it fun to roll around in sand and get it in her hair.   

Being outside is one thing that Sam wants to do all day everyday, regardless of dirt or sand. If we’d let him he’d sleep out in the backyard in a tent and he’s only 2! I don’t know too many guys that don’t like being outside.  George is an outdoor fanatic also.  He’s always doing something in the yard or building a fire in our fire pit and camping is an absolute must every summer.  So maybe Sam comes by it honestly, but I still believe that it’s in the boy DNA code. 

Something else I’ve noticed Sam loves to do is play rough.  What boy doesn’t, right?  (See this is why I say there are certain things and behaviors that are just entrenched in a boys DNA.)  My husband and I were just talking about his rough play last night.  All three of us were in our bed after Sam’s bath and he just started jumping on daddy’s stomach, tried head butting daddy and wanted daddy to throw him on the bed and bounce.  He also likes to dump his bin of small toys or his wagon of blocks on the floor and kick through them like the Tazmanian Devil ripping through a Bugs Bunny cartoon.  When he kicks through is toys or wants to be tossed on a bed so he’ll bounce like a basketball, George often says, “I can’t see a girl doing things like this”.   

Who knows, maybe we’ll have a tomboy on our hands. I mean I’m not exactly a girlie girl, but I defiantly do not play rough, play in dirt or love trucks.  We’ll just have to wait and see if her DNA is coded for playing with dolls or wanting to be a princess and shopping for clothes to make sure she is the cutest dressed girl in her class.  What I do know is that girls will always be different than boys, even when the become men and women. 

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