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Wow! (September 9, 2010)

Wow! It’s been awhile! 

So I noticed that the last time I had a blog entry was June 3rd! Well as you can imagine a lot has happened since June.  Busy doesn’t even scratch the surface.  My jewelry business had a fine summer at the Gahanna Farmers Market, my son, Sam, turned 3 and my daughter, Mary, is now 8 months old and growing way too fast.  I will give you the best recap I can. You can be sure that I will have forgot to mention something such as a funny Sam story or some cute thing Mary did but here’s the gist of the last 3 fast paced, busy months! 

Sam as I’ve mentioned is 3 and full of energy and willfulness.  I’ve heard from several mommies that age 3 is worse then age 2.  I thought to myself “There’s no way 3 could be any worse then year 2”.  Well I was seriously wrong! Don’t get me wrong I love my son, he is so bright and he is our little comedian; but my goodness his strong willed nature and I have been butting heads and I have a headache.  When Dr. James Dobson wrote his book “The Strong Willed Child” he was writing about my child for sure.  I have yet to read this particular book because I am currently reading another of his books, “Dare to Discipline”.  His willfulness has even made meal time a not so wonderful time of day.

Sam has always been difficult when it comes to meal time.  He’s never been a good eater, going back to when we introduced table foods to him at 9 months he’s done nothing but pick and push his food around.  And now it seems that ever since I have been spoon feeding Mary her baby food Sam has regressed and will no longer feed himself.  So now I have three mouths to spoon feed three meals a day; Sam’s, Mary’s and mine.  I was starting to get worried that he may not be growing properly.  So one bit of good news I received during his 3 year check up was that he is in the 75% height and weight, which is average.  Phew! But his pediatrician wasn’t too thrilled with his regression back to needing to be spoon fed and his constant unwillingness to eat, anything, so she made an appointment for him with a food psychologist at Columbus Children’s Hospital.  Yes, you read that right, a food psychologist, as in “mental”, as in “behavioral”, or as in “your problems stem from your parents”; because let’s face it most psychotherapists always want to blame the parents for behavioral issues.  Why not? I am the sole person who takes care of him, yes he has a father but I stay home with him day in and day out, I’m the one that has fed him his 3 meals plus snacks everyday since he was born.  We are still waiting on the food psychologist’s phone call to make an appointment; you’ll be sure I’ll keep you posted on what goes down with that visit!  

As for Mary well she’s our 8 month old little angel.  Don’t get me wrong, she can be a little devil at times too.  She has a scream/screech on her that could wake the dead and pierce your ears.  (and no, I’m not exaggerating about that)  I was even told by the child care staff at the YMCA that she “runs that place”; that every time she screams or screeches the whole place stops and looks at her.  She’s a girl; she needs her attention, right? Oh and don’t take anything away from her, oh your ears will bleed from the shrieks that emit from her mouth.  I do have to brag a bit that she has been a very wonderful baby.  She’s well mannered, doesn’t fuss much and has been hitting her milestones right on time if not early.  She just turned 8 months on September 18th and since then she has learned to get up on her knees in attempts to crawl, which right now is army style, she can get to sitting position by herself, gives kisses, wave, holds her own bottle and can just about pull herself up to standing on her own two little feet. 

Sam and Mary together are getting so cute that the video camera is always on stand-by.  Just the other day Mary crawled into Sam’s room while I was cooking dinner and she stayed in there for almost an hour with out so much as a whimper.  She usually has at least one or two fits because Sam has hit her, pushed her over, rolled over her or taken something from her.  But this time none of that happened and they were playing so well together that I stood in the doorway of Sam’s room and just watch silently until Sam spotted me and took my hand and made me sit down with them and play.  Those are the moments that tug at a mom’s heartstrings and make me realize why I stay home with my kids.   

My kids are both very independent little creatures that also love mommy and daddy’s attention along with our hugs and kisses; I wouldn’t want it any other way.  Even though sometimes Sam’s independence can be a bit hard to handle, he is my funny little fireball.  Mary’s personality has been started to get defined lately and it’s so much fun watching her explore the new world around her.  She is a curious little angel that is sweet; show’s off her cuteness and loves to bounce the day away.  And to answer everyone’s latest question; No! We are not having any more children.   

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