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A Good Day (October 19, 2009)

A Good Day!

Monday’s for most are not good, right?  Back to work, inevitably a traffic jam crosses your path like a black cat and to top it off your boss is sick and the assistant doesn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground? Sound familiar?  I may be a stay at home mom now, but I have been through my fair share of the above and it’s never good when it all happens on a Monday! 

Well at times Monday’s can also be bad around this house as the daddy goes back to work and the son doesn’t understand that daddy has to go.  So the whole crying and screaming for daddy begins around 8am and usually doesn’t stop until, well, until daddy gets home.  For Sam and me that routine is quite common on Monday’s, but not today! I have been extremely surprised at my Sam’s very happy disposition today.  That is something that hasn’t been seen around here in days.  Yes, he did wake up crying for daddy, but luckily daddy was still home to kiss his son good morning and get him his morning milk.  As Sam was watching Nick Jr. in our bed, daddy slipped out the door with an “I love you family” and no peep from Sam.  PHEW! 

As the morning went along, my hot cup of vanilla coffee in hand and Jack’s Big Music Show from Nick Jr. playing on TV, I decided that mopping the hardwood floors and dusting the living room was long over due.  As soon as I started dusting Sam was in the living room dancing to Jacks’ Big Music Show and all was right.  Well, breakfast needed to be served and eating has not been high on Sam’s priority list lately so I thought I would try something new.  I toasted my bread and grabbed an apple cinnamon breakfast bar for Sam, but I pretended it was for me, and low and behold, as soon as I took a bite Sam wanted it, so, Sam got it.  He almost ate the whole cereal bar and some raisins.   

All you mommies out there that have two year olds or have already been through this stage, you know I was waiting for the big clunky shoe to drop.  I am just waiting for the tantrums or the pouting to begin, but to my surprise it never did.  After the floors were clean and Sam’s favorite Nick Jr. shows were over and playing in the kitchen cabinets was done we headed downstairs to watch Kung Fu Panda, yet again.  But only 10 minutes into the movie Sam came up to me playing with the hair on the top of his head asking to go “night night”.  Here we go, I thought, the first tantrum of the day, but again no tantrum just a hug and kiss and he laid down with out a fight.  Slept well, got up and actually was in a surprisingly good mood, continued to play in the kitchen while I made lunch, that he actually ate and playtime resumed while I finished cleaning up the up stairs.   

Later we went out for a walk in the neighborhood so that we could enjoy this wonderful fall day and pick up leaves and pinecones.  We ran into our neighbor and her two year on our walk.  She and her son decided to join us in picking leaves and conversation.  Sam didn’t even pitch a fit when we came inside, which in itself is toddler boy miracle!  Juice was served along with Classical Baby on HBO.  If you do not know what Classical Baby is please run to your nearest Babies R Us and buy the 3 DVD set.  Sam has thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of these shows and I really like playing them for him because they are cartoons set to the classical music of Mozart to the jazz music of Duke Ellington.  After Sam became so captivated by this series I read that classical music, like the kind they play on these cartoons, are very good for the brain, supposed to help open their minds and make them smarter or something.  Didn’t get to into the details but that was the gist of it.  

So all in all this Monday has been just terrific! No tantrums, no real whining and breakfast and lunch and a snack all got ate.  I am marking this day down on the calendar as a good day!  I may not want to be rejoicing just yet as bed time has not reared it’s ugly head but lets just keep our fingers crossed that this good day turns into a good night.  

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