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Out of the mouths of tots (October 20, 2009)

Out of the mouths of tots

Mothers, it seems, are the ones that chronicle every milestone their little one reaches.  We can’t wait to start jar food, then we get there and we can’t wait for them to feed themselves.  Of course the most exciting milestones that will no doubt make you bust out the camcorder are crawling and walking.  There’s no going back after the discovery of legs, sometimes we may even wish we never bought that little toy to help them walk! You start baby proofing like a tornado ripping through a house.  Probably the slowest milestone for our tot to master is talking.  We coach, read and buy every DVD there is about learning to talk and recognize words, because lets face it, there’s nothing cuter then a two year old with a Mike Tyson lisp! 

When our tots first start talking it’s just a bunch of jibber jabber that no one understands but it is cute none the less.  Well when Sam first started out on his journey to becoming a master conversationalist he also just rambled on in that baby talk.  Example: As we started coaching Sam he started picking up words here and their and eventually he started talking in sentences, which mommy inevitably has to translate for the general population including daddy.  And with the talking comes repeating.  You start watching what you say.  You start to edit your language with more PG terms.  But it always seems that you replace the language you don’t want repeated one word too late.  Thank God this hasn’t happen to me yet, but have you ever had your child repeat your bad language to say your very religious relative or to another child?  There have been times when I’ve said a few choice words when I’ve hurt myself or got upset at the computer and Sam has repeated those bad words, but thankfully he only says it a few times and the goes about playing with his toys and had completely forgotten the word.  PHEW! I just pray that he never picks up my husbands “sports” language, ladies you know what I am talking about. 

Well, when I was coming back from Meijer today this slow old man in front of me took an hour to turn a corner that you and I would take at 25 mph, I hear Sam say from his car seat “Come on Lady!”  I couldn’t help but flat out crack up! He will also repeat words and phrases we ask him to like “Let’s Go Jackets” and of course he now says that every time he sees a hockey game, whether the Jackets are playing or not.   We even have got him say “Who Dey”.  A few weeks ago we went for a walk on one of the few gorgeous fall days we’ve had and of course dogs would bark as we crossed their living room window or their front yards.  Well one particular house had two very yappy dogs that were just going crazy that we were on the sidewalk in front of their house.  With the dogs barking away, Sam stops, turns towards the window, shakes his arm at the house and says “Shub bup goggie”  I have apparently told our dog Boomer to shut up quite a few times! There have even been times when we go to Tim Horton’s (remember from past posts I go there a lot) and as soon as we pull into the parking lot Sam will say “Douby Douby”, referencing that I order a small double double coffee.  My husband just looked at me, laughed and shook his head and said “Honey, really? You come here too much!” Heck, one day we just drove past, yes I drove past a Tim Horton’s, and he says “douby douby”.  Of course the repeating makes it much funnier when you hear the two year old lisp.  He has repeated such phrases as mine like “Awe man” or “Kiddin me?”  When he’s done with milk he drops the sippy cup and says “Gone!” or if George or I drop something it’s “Mommy Drop!” or “Daddy Drop”.  Now after he goes #2 in his diaper he says “I poop” and not just to his daddy and I.  But so far the most dangerous thing he does is call you out when you toot.  Yes, do not toot around my child; he will let everyone in a 5 mile radius know about it! 

For those of you who know Sam you know he’s a comedian and says or do things that are just flat out funny.  He says things on his own with out any of our prompting or coaching that will get an army laughing.  Just a few weeks ago he opened the back door, in his fleece footy pj’s, put his hand up, as if to say “don’t get up” and blurted out “I’ll be right back”.  George and I just looked at each other and laughed and soaked in the humor that just came out of our son’s mouth.  When I was transitioning him from bottle to sippy cup he wasn’t too fond of the idea, so when I gave him his milk, in the sippy, he opened the lower cabinet door, put his milk in it, turned around and said “Gone!”, of course with out even taking a sip.  Just today I was in the bathroom getting ready to head out and I hear the kitchen chair slide across the floor and hear this clicking noise.  I come around the corner to see him playing with our toaster! I of course took his hands off the toaster and said “NO NO NO NO”. While still standing on the chair he turns to me, puts his hands on my shoulders and says “Bye Bye” as if to say, you can turn around and leave now, I’m busy with the toaster.   

With talking being the biggest milestone, at least in my book, aren’t there are times we wish this milestone never gets completed, right?  But then they say something so precious, so cute you get weak like when they say “Love you mommy” that you think “ok, this talking this is pretty cool”.  I just hope that all you mommies out there remember all the times your baby has said something sweet or funny and even bad because these are the memories you can’t take with a camera. 

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