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Rain = Irritated grocery store shoppers, including me! (October 23, 2009)

Rain = Irritated grocery store shoppers, including me! 

So for most of Ohio it’s been a pretty, rainy, gloomy, windy day, and of course I had to head out to the grocery store with Sam.  Getting anywhere in the Columbus area, I have noticed, always proves to be difficult and trying.  Add in some rain or snow and you get a whole city in a panic.  Today was no exception.   

I, yet again, got stuck behind a blue hair old lady with a handicap sticker in the rearview doing 20 in a 35 and she seemed to have difficulty staying in her lane even at such a turtles pace.  Finally, she continued straight as I turned into the grocery store.  Parking on rainy days is also exceptionally difficult because I like to park close to the door because of Sam and not to mention I’m pregnant.  I actually drove around the parking lot for a minute until something opened up, something I don’t normally do.  Once in my parking spot I reached for my umbrella, walked around to get Sam in the wind and rain all the while having to hike up my maternity jeans, again.  Sam thought the umbrella was such a neat new item he tried with all his might against the wind to hold it, but did not prevail, so I took it back.  By the time I entered the store my sight was blurred by the water on my glasses, my pants almost down around my butt crack and the hem of my jeans soaked.  I got Sam in the cart, umbrella down and jeans hiked up, I went to grab for a sani-wipe to find none left.  Ugh!  With all the H1N1 hype you would think they would have a pallet full of sani-wipes by the cart corral.  No matter, I go no where with out my handy little bottle of Purell.  So as you can imagine my irritation level had started to climb, but now that we were in the store and ready to shop I started to calm down. 

First stop, produce; I don’t know who designed the produce section but it’s not very cart friendly and always seems like people are walking around as if they are caught in a maze.  I turned my cart towards the bananas as this grumpy faced senior citizen decided he just had to get to the bananas before me.  Although I technically had the cart with the right of way, I excused myself and proceeded to let him go first.  As I made my way around the produce section I kept running into the man with his grumpy face with every turn of my cart.   

Finally I was out of the produce section and away from grumpy face. I then started on my way up and down each aisle.  Sam wanted his juice in a very bad way, and I had to get it from the shelf and pour it into his empty sippy from home.  I searched and searched for Sam’s Juicy Juice Harvest Surprise and could not find it so I settled for regular Juicy Juice, which of course Sam could care less.  As I am standing there, off to the side of the aisle, this lady just comes barging down the aisle, eyebrows ferruled and stepped right between me and my cart where Sam sat, to grab the A&W 2 liters that were on sale without even an excuse me and was rushing out of the aisle as I stood there stunned looking at Sam with my mouth open.  “Whatever!” I thought, and kept on my way.  The rest of the shopping trip seemed to be getting better until the inevitable check out lane. 

I didn’t have too much stuff in my cart so I decided to go to the unlimited self check out and began to ring my items.  There was a lady at the end of the conveyor belt bagging the last 4-5 items of her sale as my swiss cheese and yogurt started down the belt nearing her groceries.  I wasn’t worried about my 2 items getting mixed up with hers as she was almost done bagging, when I hear a very rude, very angry “Hey! I’m not done!”  I took the high road, smiled and a giggle and said to her “Well, I wasn’t worried about you stealing my swiss cheese”  My good humor apparently did well for her nerves as she also giggled and said “Well I do like swiss cheese” as she finished her bagging.  I had to look up from the cart for a second as I saw Sam trying to swipe bubble gum and I noticed that all the check out lanes had gotten extremely busy!  So when this fashionably dressed blonde woman and her kid walked up behind me with their little baskets and a couple behind them, I hurried my check out pace.  Since no one was at the end bagging my groceries I was left to do it myself after swiping my debit card.  I was also bagging at a pace that would make a professional bagger proud.  She didn’t even hesitate on waiting for me to get down to 5-6 items to start checking out.  Well of course because she had started to scan before I was done bagging she told her kid to grab the items as they come down the belt, which in turn made her scanner think that she took the items and it was telling her to place the items back on the belt.  She wasn’t listening, and the attendant had to come over and tell her to put her items back on the belt.  I then hear this very audible sigh coming from the blonde fashionista so, I looked up at her to see her rolling her eyes at me as the attendant brought over one of the sticks that separate customer’s groceries. After the attendant brought over the separator stick, the blonde wanna be fashion model looked at me as if I was a pathetic sewer rat with my hair in a pony tail wearing my grey maternity sweater and said with such distain in her voice to the attended “Thank You!”  I could tell she thought much less of me and just wanted me out of her way.  After getting my groceries bagged, Sam and I headed out of the grocery store towards the van.  While hiking up my pants, yet again, I dropped my purse and all it contents before I could get out of eye shot of the blonde, I’m sure she got a smile seeing me having to bend down and pick up my stuff.  

Luckily the rain had stopped long enough for me to get Sam and the groceries into the van.  But unluckily my pants had again slipped down while walking which just made my almost dried out hem completely soaked again.  I ignored the wetness and hiked up my pants and got in the van.  My ignorance to the wetness was brought back to the forefront when the wet COLD hem touched the back of my leg and that I felt it all the way home.  I cursed myself, to myself, for even going out in the rain in the first place.   

Finally home and in the protection of my garage I grabbed my groceries, Sam and the waist band of my jeans and headed up the stairs to change my wet pants into much more comfy black workout pants! Phew! I was home, dry and ready to sit down and blog about it!   

I am sure there are plenty of you out there who have had much worse experiences at the grocery than me, but as for today, this was mine!  I hope all of you had a better day, but with rain in the forecast it is rather difficult to stay happy, especially on a Friday during rush hour and probably having errands to run yourselves!  But keep your chin up and your attitude in check and things will be all better when you do get home.

Happy Friday all and thanks for reading


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