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Eat, Sleep (October 16, 2009

Eat, Sleep; Not in the cards.   

Like I stated in my opening blog I am a mother of a 2 year old little boy named Sam.  Sam reminds me daily that just because your kid is 2, it doesn’t mean you know anything about them!  He makes me feel so clueless on a daily basis with his weird behaviors or his whiney ways.  But, thankfully he doesn’t something so funny or so sweet, that all the whiney weirdness gets washed away!  

So as I’ve stated Sam is 2, so with that come 2 year molars! Teething, it’s such an awful thing for a sweet baby to go through.  You would have thought that God would have come up with a painless way for babies and toddlers to get their teeth! Well, at least I think my son is teething.  He’s showing all the signs, the drooling, and the crankiness and chewing on his binky (pacifier). 

Could there be more at work here than just teething?  I say that because not only is he drooling, cranky and chewing he is also not eating, and has been very hard to put down for naps and bedtime.  Now the eating has always been an issue for Sam ever since the table food was introduced.  He ate like a champ when it was jar baby food, but ever since the baby food has been gone he’s been a so-so eater.  So now, he won’t eat hardly anything!  He always ate Cheerio’s and his Gerber meals, but now, all of the sudden he won’t even eat those things.  I have tried introducing new foods; he won’t even make the attempt to try them!   

As far as sleeping goes well he’s always been good about going down for naps and bedtime.  He never would complain about taking a nap, he would come up to us and say “night, night” and we’d take him up to bed and, boom!, out like a light!, now all he does is play in his room instead of sleeping.  At night time now he doesn’t go to bed until about 10:30-11:00 because he’s up there crying for daddy from the moment we put him down.  We’ve tried to ignore him and just let him be, but when we hear a crash or a bang we go up there and he’s just full of energy and sleeping is the furthest from his mind.  When I get him to finally nap he naps for like 3+ hours! So no wonder he won’t go to bed. When he finally goes down for the night he sleeps just fine, but is up at 7:30, crying for daddy.  I know 7:30 for some of you moms would be a breath of fresh air, but when he’s not even getting to sleep until 10:30-11:00 he’s a bear in the morning.  He sees me come in his room to get him and he flips out crying!  He wants his daddy!  Which is so very cute that a young boy wants his daddy but when he cries for him all day I wonder, what am I doing wrong?  Why am I not good enough?  I am sure I am beating myself up and it’s only because he sees me day in and day out and only sees his daddy for a short time, right??? 

So to you mommies out there does this not eating and sleeping sound like its part of the teething process or is there something else that I should be concerned about?  I am continuing this question with a new blog so please check back later. 


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