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Random Silliness (November 17, 2009)

Random Silliness

Never being a mommy of a toddler before I didn’t quite know what to expect, especially from a boy.  Now that Sam is a full blown 2 year old toddler I am starting to expect a lot of silliness.  Lately some of the silly things he’s been doing are throwing objects, making us get in makeshift tents or watching Alvin and the Chipmunks at least twice a day, just to name a few. 

When he watches Alvin and The Chipmunks he comes away with a new saying or action from it just about every time.  I say he “watches” it but really it’s like background noise while he’s playing with blocks, or I should say tossing his blocks, but he does inevitably sit and watch a good majority of it and laughs and screams at the movie.  One silly thing he’s been doing after watching the movie as of late is saying “I gotcha” while rolling around on a toy or the pile of sand on our new patio.  There’s a part in the movie where Dave Seville captures Alvin in a knit hat and says “I gotcha”.  So I can only guess that is where he’s getting this new phrase, but as far as rolling around on objects while saying it is the silly part.  I have no idea where that action has come from.  Yesterday we were in the backyard and he again was playing with the pile of sand from our new patio.  Usually this pile of sand gets thrown in the air or in his dump truck, but yesterday he fell on top of the pile and rolled around saying “I gotcha, I gotcha, I gotcha”.  He even dropped sand in his ear.  That’s when mommy leapt from her chair, yanked her toddler off the ground and gave him a stern “NO!”  He just looked at me, dropped back down on the pile of sand and said “I Gotcha!” All I could do was laugh and think, such a silly boy. 

Not really sure what was going through Sam’s head last night as he got the bright idea to pick up each book he has here in the “wreck room” and begin tossing them from the desk to the floor.  I was doing a little online pre-Christmas “window” shopping as Sam stood next to me on his little toddler chair scribbling in his sketch book.  I had stacked his pile of books next to him on the desk and the next thing you know he had stopped the crayon from going in continuous circles on the paper to tossing his books, one by one on the floor.  After all the books had been flung on to the floor he climbed down off his chair, went over to the heap of books and began tossing them back up on the desk.  This went on for about a half an hour, maybe more.  Whatever makes the kid happy, right?  His tossing of objects has gotten to be an every day, every hour occurrence.  I don’t mind if he picks things up and tosses them on the floor, it’s the whipping them at the dog or the wall I have the problem with.   

What kid doesn’t love a good blanket tent?  Well my kid does that’s for sure and he wants everyone it with him, including the dog.  With mommy carrying around Sam’s little sister in her belly getting into a blanket tent is out of the question.  So good thing daddy is a good sport and gets on the floor and crawls in with him.  But after a long day at work, daddy wants to rest (with a toddler around there is no rest) so daddy usually sits in his comfy chair checking out the latest politics or sports scores.  When Sam decides he wants daddy in the blanket tent he gets relentless in his pursuit.  We will here “daddy get in, daddy get in, daddy get in” as if he’s a broken record.  Daddy finally succumbs to his sons repeated request and gets in the tent.  Sam then wants the doggie in the tent, but that doesn’t usually happen as Boomer thinks better of the situation and stays right where he’s at.  Although there have been times when Boomer is gracious and gets in the tent with his little buddy.   

Words can not describe my son’s facial expressions.  You want to talk about silliness?  Just watch my son try and carry on a conversation in which all you can say is “Uh huh!” and “Yep!” all the while he’s making the best facial expressions and hand gestures.   The day he was born the facial expressions had already started.  He would be sleeping and still his face would contort in these great expressions.  Since Sam was born so early in the morning we had him sent down to the nursery so that we could get some shut eye.  Later that morning the nurse rolled him in and I had asked how he did with eating and sleeping.  She said he did great and that he had all the nurses just laughing at his facial expressions, she said she hadn’t seen a baby like him in a very long time.  She fell in love with him instantly she said and hated to see him go.  He’s been the same way ever since.  

Another random act of silliness that has us laughing these days his the way he says hi and bye to things.  The other day daddy had a ladybug on his shirt.  He took it off his shirt and set her on the floor for Sam to see.  The ladybug of course immediately started playing dead as soon and my son sat down.  He laid flat on he belly, got his head as close as he could to her and said “Hi badybug!” while waving hello.  He picked her up and held her between his thumb and finger and again waved hello saying “Hi badybug!”  He then dropped her on the floor and started blowing on her, sending her half way across the kitchen floor.  Finally daddy said, “Ok, time to let her go play outside” and Sam of course said “Bye badybug”.  He does this with random objects too.  One of the things that have been new around here is he takes his toy bin and dumps ALL the toys out and then flips the bin over on top of him so that he’s inside it.  He grabs some blocks or a stuffed animal and brings it in with him.  But last night he was on the outside of the empty upside down bin putting his toys inside and saying good bye to them.  For instance he had dumped his mega blocks out of the wagon, again, and proceeded to put them inside the bin saying “Bye blocks!” or his shoe and said “Bye shoe”, you get the point.  This was his agenda for much of the evening until the tossing of books struck him as fun once again and he went back to doing that.   

One last random act of silliness from our toddler is his new found love for sliding off the chair, head first.  Most of the time he just likes to jump on the chair but he has this new fondness that seems to occupy his time.  He crawls on the chair, gets on his back and starts head first off the edge of the chair.  He puts his arms up so that he doesn’t land on his head first and then flips his feet over his head and lands on the floor.  He then laughs and claps for his audience of two, then starts the whole process over again.   

These are just some of the more recent acts of silliness from my son, believe me there are many more; like taking my Windex and spaying it all over the kitchen floor and then putting his hands in it and rubbing the floor saying “Clean and wash” or him crawling in one of our cabinets, closing the door and announcing “bye bye”.   All you mommies of toddlers out there know what I mean and know that silliness can arise at any time.  I have recorded a lot of his silly moments on camera, which I’m sure he’ll be grateful for later.  ( ha ha)  I also know that these random acts of silliness won’t last long and I am soaking every minute of them up.  Now it will be interesting to see what our little girl finds silly and entertaining.   

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