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Changes! (November 5, 2009)


Change can be both good and bad, right?  Well for a 2 year old it may just be bad, bad, and bad!  Since Sam turned 2, there have been lots of changes that he has had to adjust to, and he’s showing his frustration, daily! 

Since turning 2 Sam has gone through what may be his biggest change, at least in his little young mind.  He had to transition from bottle to sippy cup.  This switch was a week from hell, both for tot and mommy.  Sam would cry and whine every time milk would show up on his tray in a sippy and not a bottle.  He even went as far as hiding his sippy in a cabinet and telling me that his milk was all gone.  Finally, he waved his little white flag in surrender and began drinking his milk from his sippy.  The bottles have been bagged up and hidden away.  The next struggle in the milk saga is to get him to drink his milk cold so I don’t have to warm it up anymore.  Although, when I do try to give it to him cold he turns around and puts it in the microwave himself and starts it up!   

The second big change that has been a struggle for my little man is when we switched his bedroom.  He has moved from his smaller baby room to a slightly bigger toddler boy room.  Since Sam loves trucks we decided to do his room up with just the things he loves.  We painted his walls blue and pasted a wallpaper boarder around his room with all street signs.  Even his sheets and comforter are decked out in all kinds of trucks; fire trucks, dump trucks, cement trucks and pick-up trucks.  His toy box as well has a truck theme; it’s a Tonka Truck toy box!  We did all this before he got his new furniture, so when the room was empty he would go in and play and point out all the different trucks; he seemed to really like every thing we did to the room.  Well, getting him to sleep in that room was also another week from hell.  More crying, more whining and more calls for daddy.  Again, finally, he ceased his fight and has been sleeping comfortably in his new big boy truck room for about a week. 

But of course, the biggest change is mommy’s ever growing belly.  We have tried to tell him that mommy has a baby in her belly, but he doesn’t seem to get what we are explaining to him.  People keep telling me that on some level he does understand but he won’t fully understand until the baby is actually here.   

He may be totally aware and this is why he’s been doing some of the things he’s been doing.  One thing is he has become totally addicted to his binky (pacifier).  He never used to care about that thing until just recently.  Another sign of his awareness is his refusal to eat.  As I’ve mentioned before, he’s never been a great eater but it’s been getting worse.  I can not be sure that these two behaviors are because of the new little one on the way, I am just speculating. 

There are at least two more big changes that will be coming at our 2 year old very soon.  One is obviously the arrival of his little sister and the other is to retire his binky’s for good.  I thought that transitioning him from bottle to sippy and from one room to another was hell; I can’t imagine what kind of tantrum he’ll throw at me when the binky’s get tossed. 

I am sure that there have been changes and will be more changes for Sam that we may not even be aware of.  You never know what will affect a child and how they will act.  But for the important changes in life, I guess all you can do is roll with the punches and hope you don’t traumatize your child.  Sam seems to be adjusting to the changes, slowly and that’s all I can pray for.  Let’s just hope he doesn’t take all these changes out on his little sister! I don’t see that happening because we really do have a very sweet little boy and I can only guess that he will be the best big brother he can be.

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