Monday, December 19, 2011

Old Posts below

About two years ago I started blogging here on Blogger, but ran into some issues with retrieving it so I decided to start again. But before I just dive right into the craziness of The Crandell Life, I thought I would post some of the old blogs starting with the first, ending with a new one and a few funny, cute and frustrating blogs in between! I am going to post them again in chronological order. (scroll to the bottom and read up) From this post on they will all be current.

To recap quickly..........
My son Sam is now 4, my daughter Mary will be 2 next month already! WOW! Samuel is in preschool at Gahanna Christian 2 mornings a week and loves it! He just did his first Christmas program and did so well! Mary is still my little angel even with 2 approaching, she is one smart cookie and is also absolutely beautiful! (Yes I'm slightly bias!)  Sam's behavior has been less then stellar but we are getting there. 

George and I have joined New Life church here in Gahanna and also were baptized this year the weekend after Thanksgiving. George's mom from Texas was able to be in attendance along with my parents.  I have also joined 3 different women's bible studies during the week to keep us and my mind occupied.
Christmas is only 6 days away and it's been hard to keep the kids away from the presents as their excitement level is high! It will be a Christmas full of memories I am sure! More to come in the next few days!

God Bless!

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